Ipsative Testing: An Update

I recently received a reply to an old blog that I had on the OPRA blog. My response covers some of the

Ipsative Testing: An Update2021-01-03T13:26:08+00:00

The Insignificance of Significance Testing

This week, scientists from around the world have made a call to stop the over-reliance on the use of statistical significance testing

The Insignificance of Significance Testing2019-03-28T02:03:15+00:00

The Cross Over Benefits of Willpower

The photo above was taken 18 years ago moments before I took the stage in a regional bodybuilding competition in New Zealand. 

The Cross Over Benefits of Willpower2021-01-24T09:01:48+00:00

The Myth of Impartiality: Part 2

Last month, I discussed the issue of impartiality with reference to universities and research. This month, I want to look at the

The Myth of Impartiality: Part 22017-04-09T07:10:38+00:00

The Myth of Measurement

I would like to begin by apologising for not getting a myth out last month. I was working in the Philippines. Having

The Myth of Measurement2017-04-09T07:10:46+00:00

The Myth of Significance Testing

When I decided to leave work and go to University to study psychology I did so because of a genuine fascination with

The Myth of Significance Testing2017-04-09T07:10:50+00:00
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