Lessons from Scotland

Golf teaches you very quickly that the competition is against yourself, not against others. You are your own worst enemy, be it the ego that picks a driver when an iron would do, or the ability to deal with anxiety making a clutch putt.

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Lessons from England

1982 All Whites football team. Source: nzhistory.govt.nz From the age of 7 to the age of 12, football (soccer) was

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Lessons from Bulgaria

Насила хубост не става. Translation: You can’t make something beautiful with force. 2020 was the year that we all learned about COVID-19.

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The Psychology of Success

Dr. Paul Englert speaks to Motivational Speaker and Self Leadership Coach Andrew Bryant about the psychology of success.

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Lifetime Goals and Long-Term Lessons

Over the past six years, I have had more injuries, than at any other time in my life. I have also had to cross train harder, simply to be able to make it to training each week. The irony is that I have loved every minute of my judo journey and would not change one aspect of the past six years.

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Is Your Job A Tim Ferriss Experiment Or A Josh Waitzkin Mastery Goal?

As I have become more familiar with the work and thinking of both Tim Ferriss and Josh Waitzkin, I can form a clear dichotomy between their writing. While both have an interest in attainment and skill acquisition, through Ferriss I see the embodiment of the Pareto principle to reach competency quickly, while with Waitzkin the focus is mastery.

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Time: The Most Precious Resource of All

Many executives who I have coached have found time reflection exercises useful. The sheer act of thinking about time, and the attempt to comprehend it, is like opening a door that provides a glimpse at the extraordinary terms of our existence.

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Grit: The Power to Overcome

Combining grit with the realisation that obstacles are part of the journey helps one to take a positive attitude to the challenges that are a part of life. Rather than being despondent about yet another challenge, it is an opportunity to further strengthen oneself and develop the required skill sets to perform at an even higher level.

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Routine: The Secret Sauce of Success

While concentrated and focussed practice is a key to success, realising potential is only possible by the use of routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed. Routine is often the hard-working contributor to success that is overlooked.

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The Quantified-Self Movement

Quantification of self is certainly not for everybody. I know people that are uncomfortable with the idea. However, for both maximising productivity as well as health, I think there is little downside. This is something that has become a core part of my coaching approach.

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