Lessons from India

I already covered Lessons from England, so some poetic license is due. I have tilted this post in memory of my father

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Lessons from England

1982 All Whites football team. Source: nzhistory.govt.nz From the age of 7 to the age of 12, football (soccer) was

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Lessons from Bulgaria

Насила хубост не става. Translation: You can’t make something beautiful with force. 2020 was the year that we all learned about COVID-19.

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Social Comparison and Its Negative Consequences

About a year ago, a friend contacted me out of the blue as he was having a hard time busting out of a slump. He had been down for a couple of months and just could not seem to lift his spirits no matter how hard he tried. Through our discussion, it was clear he was exhibiting all the tell-tale signs of depression.

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Time: The Most Precious Resource of All

Many executives who I have coached have found time reflection exercises useful. The sheer act of thinking about time, and the attempt to comprehend it, is like opening a door that provides a glimpse at the extraordinary terms of our existence.

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Grit: The Power to Overcome

Combining grit with the realisation that obstacles are part of the journey helps one to take a positive attitude to the challenges that are a part of life. Rather than being despondent about yet another challenge, it is an opportunity to further strengthen oneself and develop the required skill sets to perform at an even higher level.

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Routine: The Secret Sauce of Success

While concentrated and focussed practice is a key to success, realising potential is only possible by the use of routine: a sequence of actions regularly followed. Routine is often the hard-working contributor to success that is overlooked.

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Gratitude: The Attitude That Will Enhance Your Life

The reality is that most of us have much to be grateful for. The mere fact that we are conceived and have the opportunity to experience the mystery of life is such a random event of astronomical proportions that gratitude is a very appropriate response!

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100 Pesos: A Lesson in Valuing TIme and Effort

On reflection I may not have taken enough time to establish for myself an internal basis for pricing my time. What is my internal guiding premise to how I value my efforts? By primarily relying on the market to set value I limit myself, by failing to think more deeply about how I value my chosen vocation and my time.

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The Quantified-Self Movement

Quantification of self is certainly not for everybody. I know people that are uncomfortable with the idea. However, for both maximising productivity as well as health, I think there is little downside. This is something that has become a core part of my coaching approach.

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