Nowack, K. M., & Mashihi, S. (2012). Evidence-based answers to 15 questions about leveraging 360-degree feedback. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 64(3), 157.

Despite the popularity of 360-degree feedback, meta-analytic findings suggest that these interventions can lead to a significant change in behavior but the effect sizes are typically modest and when done poorly may lead to both disengagement and a decline in performance. The research evidence addressing practical issues for coaches to successfully implement 360-degree feedback interventions is updated since previous review studies (e.g., Craig & Hannum, 2006; Fleenor, Taylor, & Craig, 2008). This article reviews 15 specific questions that are common to most 360-degree feedback interventions (purpose and goals, methodology and psychometric properties, and process and implementation) designed to facilitate enhanced awareness and successful behavior change in individuals and teams.